Today’s the day. Quite possibly one of the hardest days to get up and get the week started. Daylight savings time over the weekend seemed to throw everything off, completely. Some of you may have slept in, trying to salvage that lost hour. Others, may have stuck with the plan, got up and carried on with the same routine, only to find yourself in desperate need of a nap this afternoon. Either way, it’s a pretty hot topic every spring with many people cursing Benjamin Franklin’s name.

For me, I was really enjoying the early sunrise. Those morning’s I managed to get up and get moving, it was nice to have a little more light each day. Now, we take a giant step back, but are rewarded as we check out of the office later in the day. For me, it means I have the ability to salvage some more outside time with the family, when I get home from work. I can find that extra time to work in the yard, take the kids for a bike ride or just enjoy the extra light of the evening. My day feels much longer because regardless of when the sun comes up, the winter months have been full of dark morning runs with Kashi or commutes to the gym to teach a cycling class. When you get up that early, it’s pretty much dark anyway, so I’ll just keep on keeping on.

I’m sort-of the type that rolls with the punches of life. The stuff you don’t have much control over, I try not to sweat over the details. I’m sure there’s some petition going on out there and has been for a number of years, to ban the Daylight Savings time change, but I don’t see it as something I’m going to spend much time worrying about. I’ve got other things I’d like to keep up with and loose a little sleep over, that are way more worth wile to me. Like this site.

It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve sort-of fallen off and grow accustom to being a reader and skimmer of the web, and not much of a content producer. Not that I feel I have much to offer, but it’s more for my own sake. Whether or not people read or follow along is entirely up to them. I’d love KDAY Racing to become a place of resource, inspiration and motivation, and I’ll try my best to produce interesting articles, product reviews and other content as I go, but this little push is mostly for me. To get back to place I once was and really miss being. A place that helps me realize a bit more, who I am and what I’m doing with my life and time here on earth. A place that’s focused on the more important things of the world around me and finds a way to share or relate them in a meaningful way.

That being said… I’m back. I’m making it a goal to get back to the KDAY Racing wold and keep this thing alive. I know it will benefit me and I hope that somewhere along the way, it may do the same for you. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to here or see, please feel free to chime in. Otherwise, what you see is what you get.

Thank you for following and reading along over the years and welcome back. Here’s to going after your goals and ambitions… Here’s to more time doing what’s important to yourself and making the very most of your time each day.


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