I’ve eaten just about everything under the sun when it comes to energy specific products or junk you can grab from the gas station. Most products, specific to cycling or not, have at one point or another worked really well and provided a great bump in energy during a long race or ride. But most products also, in the attempt to replicate the positive bump, have totally let me down. It’s tough when you think you have a go-to source that you’re hoping to bank on during an effort, and that source doesn’t pull through. Taking into consideration how you’re feeling physically and mentally can have a huge impact on whether or not you’re performance will go as planned. But for the most part, most of us, or at least, myself; can tell when what ever it is we just consumed gives us that extra edge we’re looking for.

Pro Bar began as a small Utah company, looking to produce an energy bar that didn’t taste like cardboard and utilized healthy, natural ingredients. Using this idea, they’ve managed to provide REAL FOOD options that are plant-based and delicious. Over the years, the company grew and began to explore more options. Recently, they came out with their option to energy gels and blocks, with the Pro Bar BOLT.

As a kid, I grew up on gummy worms and Swedish Fish. Naturally, when companies like GU and Honey Stinger came out with their block version of gels, I was very excited. I’ve never had much problem sucking down a gel, but having the option to eat and chew something easy is much more appealing. I quickly fell in love with the idea of eating the gels vs squeezing them from a flask. I tried just about every type I could. Some provided a nice kick into the amount of energy I was able to push out on long rides, while others just tasted like the gummy worms I ate as a kid. While satisfying on both ways, there was never a consistent result that I could count on… Until I tried Pro Bar’s BOLT.

I was out on a lunch ride, headed up City Creek Canyon. A canyon I’ve ridden what feels to be, hundreds of times. It’s close to the office and provides a nice getaway and climb to cooler temperatures in the middle of the summer. I was hoping to get in a solid effort for the day, but wasn’t feeling that sharp as I began the ride. I received a pack of Pro Bar BOLT, in the strawberry flavor, from an event a few weeks before. I thought I’d give them a shot.

I popped a few into my mouth and was blown away by the tasted. They were delicious. I immediately formed a conclusion about the BOLT’s, that they would be all tasted and no performance, much like some of the other blocks on the market. Not long into my ride, I began to feel a little better and was able to lay on the gas a bit more. I popped a few more BOLT’s. At this point, I became so excited to eat the rest of the package because they tasted so good I didn’t think about how good I actually felt, pedaling up the canyon.

I got to the top in a much quicker time than I expected to, based on how I felt at the beginning of the ride. I was surprised. Maybe it was these new blocks that helped. And did I mention they were delicious!

I decided to buy a box and give them an honest try. The rest is history. There’s never been a product that has delivered the consistent flavor and bump in energy I’ve expected each time I consume them. Whether it’s a one hour lunch ride, or a five hour High Line commute, these guys go with me, everywhere.

The Details:

They come in multiple flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Orange and Berry Blast

• They’re about 90 Calories per serving, with about two servings per container.

• They use all natural sugars, are GMO free and USDA Organic.

• Just the right amount of B Vitamins and Electrolytes to power you through any activity.

If you haven’t given Pro Bar BOLT’s a try, I suggest you check them out. While you’re there, have a look at the other options PRO BAR has to offer. Whole food meal replacement bars, protein bars, super food bars and of course, BOLT energy chews.

*The content in this post was not solicited in any way shape or form from PRO BAR. This is part of a series that I do, writing and promoting my favorite gear. I am open to actual product reviews of nearly any product if you’re interested and would be happy to test or try a number of products and post the review on KDAY Racing as well as give shout-outs via social media. Feel free to contact me for more information. 

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