24 Jun

As many of you know, I have a small love affair with 12 mile 5000′ climb, out my back door. Recently, I had the privilege to work with Dane Christensen with DanesDrone.com on a little video project. I’ve always wanted to document the trip up to Francis Peak and have actually tried a few times on my own. But nothing will measure up to this bit of footage. Filming it […]

I’ve posted a bit here and there about various lubes and what seems to be working for me and what’s not. I have a toolbox in the garage dedicated just to lubes and it’s nearly overflowing with a number of very common chain lubes on the market these days. A number of years ago, I had at the time, the best chain cleaning/lube process that involved a rag, a small […]

Video of the day… These three in the woods, rallying, jumping, slipping and getting as muddy as possible.

As much as I’d love do be riding bikes in Southern Utah, or just about any points south; it’s winter here on the Wasatch and there’s one thing that consumes most of my daily thoughts and daydreams. Skiing. Here are a few shots from some of the backcountry tours from earlier this season. My fingers are crossed that come February and March, the Wasatch will attract a few of those […]

Just the other day, a co-worker asked me if I’d been riding my bike much lately. To which I replied, you bet. I actually rode for 4.5 hours before work today. She was a bit surprised to my answer and said “I always wondered if your cycling would suffer or drop off, now that you have three kids.” I told her of course it’s been a bit harder to find […]

I’ve been riding around with the new camera from Drift Inovations, the Ghost HD, and I’d like to let you in on what I think about it so far. “I’m very impressed with the upgrades on the Ghost HD, and the new interface and 2″ screen is awesome. I can’t wait to dive into this thing and make some POV magic” Shape, size and weight, it’s no different than the […]

9 Dec

This is sday posting on behalf of my super duper rad spouse, whom you all know as kday. He turned the ripe old racing age of 32 today. To Kday: I hope my “adding a bagillion kids to our family this year plan” doesn’t wreck your 2012 racing plans. We’ll still be at all the races possible to cheer you on and we’ll do our best to make sure to […]

25 Nov

I have much to be thankful for. Every day of my life I’m greateful for many things. Too many to list really, but not too many to constently run through my mind. Keeping the focus on cycling here, I’d like to just rant a little about the things I’m thankful for regarding my cycling career. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my cycling years to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and […]

2012 is bringing some new faces to the team as well as a new partnership with an amazing bike company. That’s right folks, Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be sponsoring the team for 2012 and with it comes a whole new game plan for the team. We’ve added some fresh new faces here in Utah, Idaho, Nevada as well as expanding our crew back East. Needless to say we’re pretty excited […]

Hopefully most of you are familiar with Dumonde Tech bicycle products. They bring to the work bench a solid lineup of lubes, grease, oils and solvent. Top grade products to keep every bike running smooth, clean and fast. This season I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with them and test out a few of their different products. After running my bikes through nearly every element possible here on the […]

Since I began racing bicycles I’ve always been on the lookout for nutritional tips, advice, new products, old products and even trying nothing at all. Well, with the exception of water of course. Over the course of 17 years of racing and training, I’ve tried many different products. Many have been well received and have contributed to successful results. Often times I find myself trying a new product or pre-race […]

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride with group of good old friends from the home-town. Years ago a few of these guys took me under their wing and taught me the ropes of road riding, racing and training. I’ve always been partial the mountain bike and my focus is mountain bike racing, but I don’t think I would have ever had the opportunities or success without the hours spent […]