26 Feb

A few visuals from today’s activities. From within my sleeping quarters, I couldn’t help but notice the blue bird conditions that awaited my exit from the cave. And this was what I saw. When I got home, S.DAY and L.DAY were out provisioning for the home so Kashi and I went for a little trail run. Adams Canyon is one of Davis County’s hot spot for the two of us. […]

Looking back on another amazing season of cycling, I find myself again, in great appreciation for all those who have supported me over the yeas and continued that support for 2010. There were a number of really good events that I was able to attend as an athlete and in support to an or many athletes. There were some new adventures that had and will continue to have a huge […]

A few weeks a go I was interviewed by Nick Smith, about being an Expert. Nick’s the type of guy who helps people find direction by setting goals and motivating them through his proven techniques and passion for life.You can listen to the interview here. Throughout the interview I was asked quite a few questions about my cycling career and what it took to become a professional. Many of the […]

JULY 3rd Last weekend started out just right. For a long time now I’ve been making an effort to include a ride up Farmington Canyon to the top of Francis Peak on the fourth of July. A few years back it was mostly a solo effort which isn’t something new. Most of the time it always is. But with the interest of some good friend who rally the troops, the […]

It’s officially open. After months of hard work, late nights and numerous trips to Paradise Cafe to use the free wireless; Bike Fix is open for business. We pushed pretty hard last week in prep for the grand opening last Sat. After some excellent help from numerous family and friends, some who stayed all night and well into the next day, we had a successful opening. When we opened the […]

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There needs to more events like this winter triathlon in New Zealand. Oh ya, there is one in Heber. This month. The Taxrefunds.co.nz Winter Triathlon 2009 from Richard Sutcliffe on Vimeo. via Vimeo: Richard Sutcliffe

13 Nov

Greetings and welcome to KDAY Racing. I designed and built this site to showcase and discuss some of my most favorite aspects about cycling. My goal is to feature articles about regional and national bike racing, trail information, conditions and updates, gear reviews, health and nutrition tips, bike maintenance and riding tips and allow my wife SDAY, to share her insight on what it’s like being the significant other to […]

ally noun |ˈalī| ( pl. -lies) • a person or organization that cooperates with or helps another in a particular activity. We call em Allies. They’re our friends, associates and riding partners. They’re companies or individuals who share with us a passion for cycling. They share with us a common bond that brings us together as we shred sweet single-track on the weekends, after work, or on those days when […]