2 Jul

In less than two weeks, nearly everyone racing the Crusher will be questioning or confirming a much anticipated decision. What is the perfect steed for such a race? CX, MTB, Road? Other questions that factor in may possibly include: How will the race be played out? What is the terrain like? And the most important of all: Will I get crushed? I intend to answer those questions, based on my […]

30 May

There it is! That little sign of fitness showing through. I love it. Conditions were perfect for a Memorial day bike race. Draper trails are great, and after a few days of off and on rain showers, the sun was shining. As usual, during my pre-race warm up, the legs weren’t giving out too much information as to what the day would hold. That’s pretty typical though, so I wasn’t […]

12 May

From the time I began my warmup, about 45min before the start of the race, until I crossed the finish line, I consumed three bottles, two gels and three blocks. Quick re-cap on today’s race: Started great. Went into the first singletrack in fifth, just behind Alex and Bryson. Soon after, I noticed my front tire a bit on the soft side. I nursed it for as long as possible […]

Houffalize, a classic among World Cup venues that attracts thousands of spectators from all over Europe. Just racing at Houffalize, would be a monumental moment for most cyclists… and then to find a spot on the podium is pretty freaking awesome. Last weekend, Utah’s own Keegan Swenson of Cannondal factory Racing, did just that. KDAY Racing decided to throw a few questions at Swenson, in hopes of getting a better […]

15 Mar

This is a great video that give you an on board perspective of the guys in yellow. For as long as I can remember, the Mavic crew has been supporting races and fixing flats at every grand tour and even some of our local races. Looks like a ton of high paced, very hard work. Lots of logistics planning and no room for error.

The racing season is right around the corner and I think most everyone will come out swinging hard. It’s been a pretty mild winter as for our “winter” activities and for the most part, many of us have spent more time pedaling than getting face shots. I’ve got mixed emotions about it all, but the best part is the amount of time I haven’t spent on the rollers. Either way, […]

12 Jan

Remember that one race that started in that small town that was put on by that one guy? It was more of a mountain bike race than road race while bring more of a road race than it was a mountain bike race. For the months prior, everyone was buzzing about it and debating on what would be the perfect bike to ride. 29er MTB, CX, Road? It had endless […]

25 Nov

I have much to be thankful for. Every day of my life I’m greateful for many things. Too many to list really, but not too many to constently run through my mind. Keeping the focus on cycling here, I’d like to just rant a little about the things I’m thankful for regarding my cycling career. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my cycling years to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and […]

2012 is bringing some new faces to the team as well as a new partnership with an amazing bike company. That’s right folks, Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be sponsoring the team for 2012 and with it comes a whole new game plan for the team. We’ve added some fresh new faces here in Utah, Idaho, Nevada as well as expanding our crew back East. Needless to say we’re pretty excited […]

Endurance nutrition is awesome. For most of us there are a few items we really like to have in our back pocket during long rides and races. Items we’ve used in the past that have become a must have in our quest for sustained energy. Items that regardless of nutritional value, help us get the job done. Over the years I’ve tried and tested multiple sources of calories aka energy […]

Since I began racing bicycles I’ve always been on the lookout for nutritional tips, advice, new products, old products and even trying nothing at all. Well, with the exception of water of course. Over the course of 17 years of racing and training, I’ve tried many different products. Many have been well received and have contributed to successful results. Often times I find myself trying a new product or pre-race […]

Saturday, July 30th marked the final race for the 2011 Intermountain Cup series. Snowbasin was the final stop and the last chance to compete for the overall series tile. With that in mind, teams like UtahMountainBiking.com and Maddog were out in full force. There were only a few points that separated them in the team competition. For many others, it was personal battle in their individual categories. As for me, […]