Introducing, ROLLOUT™ Rollout is the best way to create and manage a group workout or athletic activity meet up. Share your plans with friends, a specific group or the public without spam messages or emails. With Rollout, you’ll never miss out when your fellow adventurer plans a run, hike, ride, climb, paddle etc. Rollout allows users to create activities, set the details of the event and invite friends and followers […]

I’ve never felt more confident on a race bike, than I have on this hardtail. At the beginning of this season, I had my eyes on the Revolver 9FS. I gave it a quick test ride around the Bikers Edge parking lot and sort-of fell in love. And that was in the parking lot. I couldn’t wait to get this bike on the trail and feel it’s buttery smoothness, and […]

“In all my searching, everything I found had basically the same amount of coverage EXCEPT BikeInsure not only provided a standard $10,000 limit Bicycle Physical Damage Coverage BUT also included a $10,000 limit Accidental Medical Payments Benefit which covers out of pocket medical expenses resulting from a bike accident. Furthermore, nothing came close to the BikeInsure price of $199 per year. Bikeinsure won the debate! So I signed up.” I’ve […]

First things first, waterproof anything is always on my radar. No, I’m not made of sugar or petrified of water. I just like the idea of being able to work, ride, play in adverse conditions. For me, the interest lies during the fall and winter months while racing cyclocross. Traditionally, cyclocross events are cold and wet even though it seems like lately, there are fewer and fewer cold and wet […]

Getting out for a test spin on some ENVE M50’s on the CX bike. These wheels performed outstanding with everything put in their path. I’m running them Tubeless with Bontrager CX3’s at 27psi. Beyond what’s posted in the video, I railed them as hard as I could on some off camber corners, took a few big drops and of course, some fun skids. These wheels are just as if not […]

I’ve posted a bit here and there about various lubes and what seems to be working for me and what’s not. I have a toolbox in the garage dedicated just to lubes and it’s nearly overflowing with a number of very common chain lubes on the market these days. A number of years ago, I had at the time, the best chain cleaning/lube process that involved a rag, a small […]

A few months ago I had the opportunity to get the low-down and suit up in some Hyperthreads clothing for a few hours. Just last weekend, during the Sea Otter Classic, I had a follow up appointment with the Hyperthreads crew to get the skinny one more time. The first pass by their booth, I had to circle around due to the large volume of people checking out their threads. […]

“Peanut butter and chocolate blend perfectly in this tasty bar. Packed with plant protein, chia, and flax seeds you’ll be ready for wherever adventure takes you.”  –PROBAR If you’re like me, then time is always of the essence. A typical day is usually packed full, regardless of where it falls on the calendar. There are times when I’ve planned a head and know I’ll be riding and for how long, […]

I’ve eaten just about everything under the sun when it comes to energy specific products or junk you can grab from the gas station. Most products, specific to cycling or not, have at one point or another worked really well and provided a great bump in energy during a long race or ride. But most products also, in the attempt to replicate the positive bump, have totally let me down. […]

16 Jun

I’ve never considered myself a runner in any way, even though I spend a considerable amount of my time from early fall through late spring on the roads and trails out my back door. I ran track in Jr. High and High School, but it was more a means to cross train for cycling. I don’t always track or Strava my running, mainly because it’s a more of a simplistic […]

1 Nov

CX season is well underway and as always, it’s been a lot of fun for both me and the family. The kids love watching the race because the get to see dad zoom past much more frequently than any mountain bike race. Layla loves to hit up the Kiddy Cross race, just before they send off the A group racers and even though she knows how to ride a pedal […]

I’ve been riding around with the new camera from Drift Inovations, the Ghost HD, and I’d like to let you in on what I think about it so far. “I’m very impressed with the upgrades on the Ghost HD, and the new interface and 2″ screen is awesome. I can’t wait to dive into this thing and make some POV magic” Shape, size and weight, it’s no different than the […]