For the past few seasons I’ve been fortunate to work with the folk at Exposure Lights USA, testing and demoing new products. The first time I strapped on the Diablo MK2, I was completely blown away. I had no idea how such a little light could be so bright. It was essentually all I needed for the trail riding here on the Wasatch Front. With this little light, I could […]

2 Jul

In less than two weeks, nearly everyone racing the Crusher will be questioning or confirming a much anticipated decision. What is the perfect steed for such a race? CX, MTB, Road? Other questions that factor in may possibly include: How will the race be played out? What is the terrain like? And the most important of all: Will I get crushed? I intend to answer those questions, based on my […]

With our new, temporary living quarters I knew I wouldn’t be able to pump the beats from my creatures through the night as I worked on various projects and composed totally awesome product reviews. I went in search of some wireless headphones and came across Outdoor Technologies. I met up with these guys at Outdoor Retailer last summer as was very impressed, not only by their products, but the design […]

Just when I though my Diablo MK. 3 couldn’t get any better, it did. Or at least the optional accessories. For those of us who spend a fair amount of time in the dark, here’s an way to brighten up the average headlamp or cause the critters in the wild to go blind. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to do a little trail running with 975 lumens […]

For those of you in the commuting business, you may want to check out the Flash and Flare lights from Exposure Lights USA. Weighing in at 46 grams each and spitting out 100 lumens of blinding light, after one test, you’ll make this combo a staple for your nocturnal navigation. The Exposure Flash Flare combo seen below comes equipped with rechargeable batteries that will burn for 17 hours. You can choose between high beam and flash […]

Hopefully most of you are familiar with Dumonde Tech bicycle products. They bring to the work bench a solid lineup of lubes, grease, oils and solvent. Top grade products to keep every bike running smooth, clean and fast. This season I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with them and test out a few of their different products. After running my bikes through nearly every element possible here on the […]

23 Aug

Presenting the new Drift HD, by Drift Innovations. The new camera is 25% smaller and lighter than the previous Drift HD. In addition to being smaller an lighter, It’s packed with plenty of new features that continue to make this camera stand alone among all other POV cameras on the market. With exceptional video quality the Drift HD shoots full HD 1080p video through a 170° Fully Rotatable Wide Angle […]

Years ago when I was a kid, I remember getting my first mountain bike helmet. As I curiously sifted through the box looking at the owners manual and searching for an extra stickers, I came across one that struck my attention. It was a sticker but not one I’d ever place on the outside of my helmet. It wasn’t flashy or cool looking by any means. It was simply a […]

THE SKINNY: The Diablo Mk.2 puts out 900 lumens of excellent light. I highly recommend this product. PROS: Super light weight, small, simple to use, mounts without tools and is incredibly stable. CONS: May need to add a Piggyback One or Three Cell battery pack (which are also very small) to get more time on the trail. I’ve been anxious to get out on the trails in the dark to […]

Check out the new throttles for the custom KDAY Racer. Can’t wait to put these blingers on and rip some more trail on the sweetest ss ever. Big shout out to Lizzard Skins (who by the way, makes the best bar tape ever) for sending out some custom Charger grips. Maybe I’ll have a few more sets made up and raffle em off. Stay tuned. The Chargers are super sweet. They […]

Since inception in 1994, Yess Products has been proving the cycling industry with high-end aluminum bicycle frames and parts. It’s evident that Yess Products has an extremely high level of commitment and craftsmanship when it comes to building frames and parts. They’re always looking for ways to test and gain feedback on their products. In their mind, “that’s good enough” doesn’t cut it. I suppose you need to have the […]

Looking back on another amazing season of cycling, I find myself again, in great appreciation for all those who have supported me over the yeas and continued that support for 2010. There were a number of really good events that I was able to attend as an athlete and in support to an or many athletes. There were some new adventures that had and will continue to have a huge […]