It’s called Strava. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you sign up. Over the past season I’ve been using Strava, for more than just a map of where I ride. It’s way more. Strava combines all the data one could ever need to produce a “tangible” outlook on your training or racing. Everything from maps, elevation profiles, HR zones and suffer scores. Strava even tests you against your […]

Endurance nutrition is awesome. For most of us there are a few items we really like to have in our back pocket during long rides and races. Items we’ve used in the past that have become a must have in our quest for sustained energy. Items that regardless of nutritional value, help us get the job done. Over the years I’ve tried and tested multiple sources of calories aka energy […]

Since I began racing bicycles I’ve always been on the lookout for nutritional tips, advice, new products, old products and even trying nothing at all. Well, with the exception of water of course. Over the course of 17 years of racing and training, I’ve tried many different products. Many have been well received and have contributed to successful results. Often times I find myself trying a new product or pre-race […]

Have you ever had any burning questions you’d love to ask the top athletes? Ever wonder what’s in their water, how they train or what keeps them on the top of their game? We’ve all been there from time to time and to tell you the truth, there really are no secret ingredients to making your local super-starts shine brighter than others. It’s called devotion, passion and grit. Of course […]

The Sportsplex in Kaysville, is now signing up little groms for their Summer Camps. If you’re in the Davis County area and are looking to get some sport specific training for the little ones, check it out. They have camps for the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cheer, Football, Lacrosse, Multi-Sport, Soccer and Volleyball. In addition to the individual camps, they also offer Speed and Agility training that go hand in […]

Yesterday morning I took an early class at the Sportsplex in Kaysville, called Sports Conditioning. It’s “a highly energetic workout consisting of drills, relays and polymerics to enhance your athletic abilities.” It’s obviously not the best time of year to step into the gym, or focus on new methods of cross training for most cyclist, but I figured I’m in pretty decent shape all-round and was actually really looking forward […]

When it comes to training there’s plenty of information out there that can help you meet your goals and win races. There are handfuls of training plans; guidebooks and good folks to talk to that can also help you reach your best potential. Over the years I’ve dabbled in all of the above and found a lot of very interesting workouts, methods and testes that have helped get me to […]

What a difference a month can make. My fitness has continued to get better; the new bike is running like a champ and the mental game is much stronger. I went into last weekends Intermountan Cup race with a few more miles in the legs and crisp new ride. Both seemed to be working together quite well early in the week as I pedaled around the neighborhood earlier in the […]

The Bicycle City by Greg Sucharew, looks amazing. I think for the most part, most of us use our bicycles with an entierly different mind set but if you think about it… We all share the same feeling in the end. What an amazing tool. Check out the The Bicycle City website and watch the trailer below. Get on board! “What happens when a poor town in an impoverished nation […]

Late Friday afternoon, the family and I loaded up the car and headed south to sunny St. George to kick off the bike racing season in the first Intermountain Cup event. While in route, my girls fell a sleep so I settled in for a quiet evening entertained by my own thoughts. I would consider myself a pretty speedy driver for the most part, but from time to time there […]

We packed up the family and headed South to St. George for a little sunshine, and time off. SDAY has spent the past few cold winter months pounding the pavement and occasionally the indoor track, in preparation for the St. George Half Marathon. This would be her first Half so she was a bit nervous. I was confident though, that all her hard work would for pay off and she’d […]

Looking back on another amazing season of cycling, I find myself again, in great appreciation for all those who have supported me over the yeas and continued that support for 2010. There were a number of really good events that I was able to attend as an athlete and in support to an or many athletes. There were some new adventures that had and will continue to have a huge […]