I’ve never felt more confident on a race bike, than I have on this hardtail. At the beginning of this season, I had my eyes on the Revolver 9FS. I gave it a quick test ride around the Bikers Edge parking lot and sort-of fell in love. And that was in the parking lot. I couldn’t wait to get this bike on the trail and feel it’s buttery smoothness, and […]

I got the opportunity to travel to Ontario Canada, last weekend, for the 2015 Trek Store Canada Cup / Ontario Cup. My good friend Hayden Sampson, was planning on heading out and needed someone to tag along. Fortunately, my schedule worked out and I was able to do just that. We flew into Buffalo NY, rented a van and headed North. It was a bit of a journey still and […]

A few months ago I had the opportunity to get the low-down and suit up in some Hyperthreads clothing for a few hours. Just last weekend, during the Sea Otter Classic, I had a follow up appointment with the Hyperthreads crew to get the skinny one more time. The first pass by their booth, I had to circle around due to the large volume of people checking out their threads. […]

Video of the day… These three in the woods, rallying, jumping, slipping and getting as muddy as possible.

I took the afternoon to clear my head after an appointment last week and ended up filming some sections on lower Rush trail. Super fun, lots of flow and rhythm… perfect for an xc bike. It’s a great place to work on your speed to air ratio skills. Most of the jumps are a bit too small for the speed you take into them, so staying low and quick is […]

For the past few seasons I’ve been fortunate to work with the folk at Exposure Lights USA, testing and demoing new products. The first time I strapped on the Diablo MK2, I was completely blown away. I had no idea how such a little light could be so bright. It was essentually all I needed for the trail riding here on the Wasatch Front. With this little light, I could […]

Have you ever been hiking in a national park where the trails are groomed beyond goodness. Have you ever ridden trails like that? If so, did they look like this Aston Hill – Surface To Air on Pinkbike

Today, while riding the SLC shoreline on my lunch break, I came across multiple people, out hiking and biking, with their pups. I’m always pleased when I see mans best friend out enjoying the trails with us. Every time I take Kashi out for a ride or a run, the big doggy smile on his face is proof enough that he loves being out just as much, if not more, […]

3, 2, 1… with his shotgun raised to the sky, Steve Andrus pulled the trigger and off we went. The 2012 Mt Ogden 100K race was underway. After the neutral start, we hit the dirt. The pace was calm and easy, but slowly picking up as the tension began to build. Jason Sager led the group up the first short climb to the Green Pond trail as the rest followed. […]

Check out this 90 sec. trailer for Where the Trail Ends. Looks like a big mountain ski movie, only with bikes. I can’t wait to see the full feature.

2 Jul

In less than two weeks, nearly everyone racing the Crusher will be questioning or confirming a much anticipated decision. What is the perfect steed for such a race? CX, MTB, Road? Other questions that factor in may possibly include: How will the race be played out? What is the terrain like? And the most important of all: Will I get crushed? I intend to answer those questions, based on my […]

30 May

There it is! That little sign of fitness showing through. I love it. Conditions were perfect for a Memorial day bike race. Draper trails are great, and after a few days of off and on rain showers, the sun was shining. As usual, during my pre-race warm up, the legs weren’t giving out too much information as to what the day would hold. That’s pretty typical though, so I wasn’t […]