This look like a great film. I think I could listen to the testimonials regarding “What mountain biking is to them” over and over. I’d love to hear what mountain biking is to you. Maybe a topic for another post. For now, watch and enjoy. In Good Company – A film about how mountain biking forged a community on

12 May

From the time I began my warmup, about 45min before the start of the race, until I crossed the finish line, I consumed three bottles, two gels and three blocks. Quick re-cap on today’s race: Started great. Went into the first singletrack in fifth, just behind Alex and Bryson. Soon after, I noticed my front tire a bit on the soft side. I nursed it for as long as possible […]

Houffalize, a classic among World Cup venues that attracts thousands of spectators from all over Europe. Just racing at Houffalize, would be a monumental moment for most cyclists… and then to find a spot on the podium is pretty freaking awesome. Last weekend, Utah’s own Keegan Swenson of Cannondal factory Racing, did just that. KDAY Racing decided to throw a few questions at Swenson, in hopes of getting a better […]

The racing season is right around the corner and I think most everyone will come out swinging hard. It’s been a pretty mild winter as for our “winter” activities and for the most part, many of us have spent more time pedaling than getting face shots. I’ve got mixed emotions about it all, but the best part is the amount of time I haven’t spent on the rollers. Either way, […]

12 Jan

Remember that one race that started in that small town that was put on by that one guy? It was more of a mountain bike race than road race while bring more of a road race than it was a mountain bike race. For the months prior, everyone was buzzing about it and debating on what would be the perfect bike to ride. 29er MTB, CX, Road? It had endless […]

I decided to take a few detours on the way to work the other day. Grabbed the Scott Voltage and looked for a little of everything and anything to ride. I could spend all day riding in down town SLC, and one day, hopefully I will. It’s been a long time since I’ve ridden much street/BMX stuff, but I’m always looking at the local architecture as something to ride. Spending […]

Just when I though my Diablo MK. 3 couldn’t get any better, it did. Or at least the optional accessories. For those of us who spend a fair amount of time in the dark, here’s an way to brighten up the average headlamp or cause the critters in the wild to go blind. I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to do a little trail running with 975 lumens […]

2012 is bringing some new faces to the team as well as a new partnership with an amazing bike company. That’s right folks, Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be sponsoring the team for 2012 and with it comes a whole new game plan for the team. We’ve added some fresh new faces here in Utah, Idaho, Nevada as well as expanding our crew back East. Needless to say we’re pretty excited […]

For those of you in the commuting business, you may want to check out the Flash and Flare lights from Exposure Lights USA. Weighing in at 46 grams each and spitting out 100 lumens of blinding light, after one test, you’ll make this combo a staple for your nocturnal navigation. The Exposure Flash Flare combo seen below comes equipped with rechargeable batteries that will burn for 17 hours. You can choose between high beam and flash […]

Hopefully most of you are familiar with Dumonde Tech bicycle products. They bring to the work bench a solid lineup of lubes, grease, oils and solvent. Top grade products to keep every bike running smooth, clean and fast. This season I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with them and test out a few of their different products. After running my bikes through nearly every element possible here on the […]

Here’s another quick Summer/Fall, Cycling Short from yours truly. This one features Paul Davis, from Bike Fix, ripping the Crest trail, taking the high line on the spine and sections from lower Bobsled, including the one of the car gaps, in SLC. Make sure to watch it in 1080. Take advantage of the HD quality shots from the new Drift HD.

POC brings three amazing athletes together in Sweden, and stiched together an amazing short. Danny Macaskill, Daniel Dehrs and Martin Söderström hook up and shred some amazing and very unique terrain of POC HQ, near Stockholm. The snow-motion segments are unreal, but the backwards nose-manual to drop from Macaskill, is one of his best yet. Amazing stuff. Enjoy.