“In all my searching, everything I found had basically the same amount of coverage EXCEPT BikeInsure not only provided a standard $10,000 limit Bicycle Physical Damage Coverage BUT also included a $10,000 limit Accidental Medical Payments Benefit which covers out of pocket medical expenses resulting from a bike accident. Furthermore, nothing came close to the BikeInsure price of $199 per year. Bikeinsure won the debate! So I signed up.” I’ve […]

I got the opportunity to travel to Ontario Canada, last weekend, for the 2015 Trek Store Canada Cup / Ontario Cup. My good friend Hayden Sampson, was planning on heading out and needed someone to tag along. Fortunately, my schedule worked out and I was able to do just that. We flew into Buffalo NY, rented a van and headed North. It was a bit of a journey still and […]

Getting out for a test spin on some ENVE M50’s on the CX bike. These wheels performed outstanding with everything put in their path. I’m running them Tubeless with Bontrager CX3’s at 27psi. Beyond what’s posted in the video, I railed them as hard as I could on some off camber corners, took a few big drops and of course, some fun skids. These wheels are just as if not […]

Today’s the day. Quite possibly one of the hardest days to get up and get the week started. Daylight savings time over the weekend seemed to throw everything off, completely. Some of you may have slept in, trying to salvage that lost hour. Others, may have stuck with the plan, got up and carried on with the same routine, only to find yourself in desperate need of a nap this […]

1 Nov

CX season is well underway and as always, it’s been a lot of fun for both me and the family. The kids love watching the race because the get to see dad zoom past much more frequently than any mountain bike race. Layla loves to hit up the Kiddy Cross race, just before they send off the A group racers and even though she knows how to ride a pedal […]

15 Jan

Yesterday, two powerhouse celebrities came together for one, made for TV, pull at your heart strings, lets get richer, come to Jesus, soon to be forgotten about event. I always assumed it would be a book, some ten years down the road, but the way this wild fire spread over the past five months, the “Interview” seems to be the most brilliant solution for both parties. I think we all […]

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. Years, really. Ever since Lance Armstrong began dominating the Tour de France, it was eminent that “they” would come after him with everything they could. Truth is, I believe any champion, especially one that has such a strong-hold of the podium over the rest of the competition, will always be scrutinized, checked and discredited for their efforts. No one likes to […]

3, 2, 1… with his shotgun raised to the sky, Steve Andrus pulled the trigger and off we went. The 2012 Mt Ogden 100K race was underway. After the neutral start, we hit the dirt. The pace was calm and easy, but slowly picking up as the tension began to build. Jason Sager led the group up the first short climb to the Green Pond trail as the rest followed. […]

Houffalize, a classic among World Cup venues that attracts thousands of spectators from all over Europe. Just racing at Houffalize, would be a monumental moment for most cyclists… and then to find a spot on the podium is pretty freaking awesome. Last weekend, Utah’s own Keegan Swenson of Cannondal factory Racing, did just that. KDAY Racing decided to throw a few questions at Swenson, in hopes of getting a better […]

The racing season is right around the corner and I think most everyone will come out swinging hard. It’s been a pretty mild winter as for our “winter” activities and for the most part, many of us have spent more time pedaling than getting face shots. I’ve got mixed emotions about it all, but the best part is the amount of time I haven’t spent on the rollers. Either way, […]

25 Nov

I have much to be thankful for. Every day of my life I’m greateful for many things. Too many to list really, but not too many to constently run through my mind. Keeping the focus on cycling here, I’d like to just rant a little about the things I’m thankful for regarding my cycling career. I’ve been very fortunate throughout my cycling years to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and […]

2012 is bringing some new faces to the team as well as a new partnership with an amazing bike company. That’s right folks, Rocky Mountain Bicycles will be sponsoring the team for 2012 and with it comes a whole new game plan for the team. We’ve added some fresh new faces here in Utah, Idaho, Nevada as well as expanding our crew back East. Needless to say we’re pretty excited […]