The home stretch! Just a quick update regarding the Whole30, as It’s had it’s moments both good and bad over the past few weeks. I’m realizing though, those bad moments are directly related to the bad habits and cravings I’ve grown accustom to over many years of “no brakes eating”. For so many of us, eating has more to do with our social and emotional environments, than our physical need […]

“You can’t sign up for a marathon, run 24 miles and say you ran a marathon” What is the Whole30? The Whole30 is a “short term nutrition reset”  not a diet. I’m not a fan of diets as they usually encourage people set unobtainable perimeters with unrealistic goals that focus very little on a healthy lifestyle. Every body is different and therefore tolerates food different. Whole 30 is an elimination […]

“There’s no secret to better performance, just a better way”   It’s the week before the big race and you have a million things going through your mind. You’re assessing the training you’ve done up to this point and questioning whether or not one more day of intensity will help. You’re going over and over in your mind, race day nutrition, feed zone logistics, bike functionality, tire choice etc. You’re […]

Just the other day, a co-worker asked me if I’d been riding my bike much lately. To which I replied, you bet. I actually rode for 4.5 hours before work today. She was a bit surprised to my answer and said “I always wondered if your cycling would suffer or drop off, now that you have three kids.” I told her of course it’s been a bit harder to find […]

9 Dec

This is sday posting on behalf of my super duper rad spouse, whom you all know as kday. He turned the ripe old racing age of 32 today. To Kday: I hope my “adding a bagillion kids to our family this year plan” doesn’t wreck your 2012 racing plans. We’ll still be at all the races possible to cheer you on and we’ll do our best to make sure to […]

We packed up the family and headed South to St. George for a little sunshine, and time off. SDAY has spent the past few cold winter months pounding the pavement and occasionally the indoor track, in preparation for the St. George Half Marathon. This would be her first Half so she was a bit nervous. I was confident though, that all her hard work would for pay off and she’d […]

Thursday night I attended the Race Across the Sky primer with my father. As I watched the film I found myself getting very excited about next season. Cycling has been a huge part of my life. So much that I’d say it’s often one of the first things I think about when SDAY and I are making decisions about our family. Or maybe that’s just me. If I were to […]

8 Aug

There are times in life when I find myself in total amazement. Whether it be a particular event, a new place, or just something so awe inspiring that I can’t seem to muster up the words to describe it. Sometimes it’s more than just and event or a place on the map. It has often been the opportunity to meet amazing people or be surrounded by the best of friends. […]

RACE #1 OF I-CUP 2010 – Sizing up the Comp So here it is folks the weekend is approaching with the first race of the Intermountain Cup season and we’re all grateful that it’s in sunny St. George. They plan that strategically because they know that’s the only way they are going to get any feed zone support…. only if I can get a little pre-season tan while doing it! […]

HOW TO AVOID THE PITFALLS OF AN IMPROPER FEED With the summer cycling season rapidly approaching, (What! You’re wondering why we’re prepping for the 2010 season of a summer sport when your still finding Christmas tree sap on the floor… it’s just part of this silly sport) it’s time to review your ability to provide life sustaining nourishment to your favorite cyclist. There are a few ways to turn a […]

I came across this article in Velo News a few years after Kday and I had been married and it seemed all too appropriate to share with my fellow “Feed Zone-ers.” This article perfectly describes my feeling as Saturdays in our home come and go and I lay in bed at night and remind myself why I love being married to a man who wears tights instead of mowing the […]

I am Sday, the wife of a local cyclist, Kday. During the past 10 years of supporting Kday racing I’ve gone from not even knowing the sport of Mountain bike racing existed, to being one of the regulars at the I-cup race series among other things. I’ve moved up in the rankings from girlfriend with no feed zone privileges to assisting with race registration, finish line time recording, team mom […]