I got the opportunity to travel to Ontario Canada, last weekend, for the 2015 Trek Store Canada Cup / Ontario Cup. My good friend Hayden Sampson, was planning on heading out and needed someone to tag along. Fortunately, my schedule worked out and I was able to do just that. We flew into Buffalo NY, rented a van and headed North. It was a bit of a journey still and […]

Getting out for a test spin on some ENVE M50’s on the CX bike. These wheels performed outstanding with everything put in their path. I’m running them Tubeless with Bontrager CX3’s at 27psi. Beyond what’s posted in the video, I railed them as hard as I could on some off camber corners, took a few big drops and of course, some fun skids. These wheels are just as if not […]

Video of the day… These three in the woods, rallying, jumping, slipping and getting as muddy as possible.

I took the afternoon to clear my head after an appointment last week and ended up filming some sections on lower Rush trail. Super fun, lots of flow and rhythm… perfect for an xc bike. It’s a great place to work on your speed to air ratio skills. Most of the jumps are a bit too small for the speed you take into them, so staying low and quick is […]

This pretty much sums it up. I’ll never make enough money in the sport to support my family, let alone my self, but that’s not the point. It’s about the passion. The love. The desire and freedom. My heart will always be invested, even when at times I am unable.

I’ve been riding around with the new camera from Drift Inovations, the Ghost HD, and I’d like to let you in on what I think about it so far. “I’m very impressed with the upgrades on the Ghost HD, and the new interface and 2″ screen is awesome. I can’t wait to dive into this thing and make some POV magic” Shape, size and weight, it’s no different than the […]

Have you ever been hiking in a national park where the trails are groomed beyond goodness. Have you ever ridden trails like that? If so, did they look like this Aston Hill – Surface To Air on Pinkbike

Lost of people chatting about the Velodrome racing that went on during the Olympics. Some mighty fine racing if you ask me. Check out this mix by The Chemical Brothers ‘Velodrome’ put together by Crystal CG out of London. Chemical Brothers ‘Velodrome’ – London 2012 from Crystal CG on Vimeo.

Check out this 90 sec. trailer for Where the Trail Ends. Looks like a big mountain ski movie, only with bikes. I can’t wait to see the full feature.

Some of these sound take me racing back to my childhood. mainly the card on the spokes. I was never one for the colored beads on my spokes though, they just weren’t cool in my mind. They seem to be missing my favorite option though… The soda can. Run it over and it wraps around your tire then gets caught on your fork. Give it a real moto sound. Enjoy, […]

This look like a great film. I think I could listen to the testimonials regarding “What mountain biking is to them” over and over. I’d love to hear what mountain biking is to you. Maybe a topic for another post. For now, watch and enjoy. In Good Company – A film about how mountain biking forged a community on pinkbike.com

15 Mar

This is a great video that give you an on board perspective of the guys in yellow. For as long as I can remember, the Mavic crew has been supporting races and fixing flats at every grand tour and even some of our local races. Looks like a ton of high paced, very hard work. Lots of logistics planning and no room for error.