As many of you know, I have a small love affair with 12 mile 5000′ climb, out my back door. Recently, I had the privilege to work with Dane Christensen with on a little video project. I’ve always wanted to document the trip up to Francis Peak and have actually tried a few times on my own. But nothing will measure up to this bit of footage.

Filming it was so much fun, but seeing the footage makes me a little giddy inside. The prespective is unlike anything I ever get to see, no matter how many times I go up there. I couldn’t be more pleased as to how this turned out. I hope you liked it as well.

HUGE thanks to Brandon Elwood for connecting me with Dane. Dane and his mad drone flying skills. My father, Forrest, for his time, efforts and willingness to get his truck dirty while Dane sat droning in the back.

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