I have much to be thankful for. Every day of my life I’m greateful for many things. Too many to list really, but not too many to constently run through my mind. Keeping the focus on cycling here, I’d like to just rant a little about the things I’m thankful for regarding my cycling career.

I’ve been very fortunate throughout my cycling years to be surrounded by so many supportive friends and family. Because of their support and my love for the sport I feel like I’ve been able to accomplish things that at one point or another seemed impossible. I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many great teams over the years and have some wonderful sponsors. Sponsors that put a lot of trust in me to get the job done and do it with a sense of good worth and merit. I’m thankful for that support. I’m thankful or the athletes I’ve been able to travel and race with. Many are local while others crome from around the world. I’ve made some great contacts and best friends through the sport of cycling and plan to keep them close in my life.

In addition to the sponsors, coaches, teams, competitors and fans on the sideline; I’ve got the best support crew of a family anyone could ever have. SDAY is the ultimate veteran to the sport of cycling. No one knows how to run and manage a feed zone better than her. At times, in addition to handing bottles to me, she’s handing to ten other racers as well. She always knows what to say or what not to say and when it’s okay to talk or just leave me alone. She gives up a lot of her time while I’m out riding bikes during the week or on weekends. I’m thankful for SDAY.

I’m thankful for my awesome and ever expanding family. Layla has me wrapped around every one of her ten little fingers. If I could spend every day pulling her around in the Chariot, I would. She makes me proud as her love for the Strider is in full bloom and she can easily point out all my bikes in the garage vs her mommies bike.

Rider. Ever since before SDAY and I were married (ten yeas now) the one mutual agreement we had was to name our first boy, Rider. I have to admit, I was a little freaked out talking about kids with a girl I just learned how to hold hands with. And we dated for two years. Either way, he and Layla came to us in the most remarkable way that couldn’t have been written in any book or fairy tale. He’s a champ for sure. My little name sake with an easy going attitude.

Little man to be… Nameless for now, but I can’t wait to see and hear his first screech. After seven years of trying, failed tests and one miscarriage, SDAY’s body kicked into gear and shazam… we’ve become the “statistic.” Our third is well on his way and set to join us in January, and I couldn’t be more excited. I just hope he doesn’t look too much like me but gets his good looks from his mommy.

I’m a very fortunate person and have lived a very fortunate life. I’m thankful for all that I have been bless with through the years of cycling and look forward to many more amazing years to come.


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