Came across this site not too long ago and though it was pretty clever considering all that’s been going on in the news the past year between cyclists and motorists. Share The Damn Road was created by professional cyclist Phil Gaimon because he was fed-up with drivers out there who lack respect for cyclists.

Share The Damn Road

“Phil was tired of being honked at, buzzed, and cussed out while he trained, and frustrated that the speed of motor vehicles made witty and insulting replies impossible. To solve that problem, he set out to create a line of jerseys that express what he’s always wanted to say to passing cars.”

Infinite MPGDon't Run Over Me

All in all I think most of us feel the same. I’m sure we’ve all had a run-in or two with a motorist at one point in our life. We hope your jerseys do well and continue to make a point for those who are a bit irresponsible behind the wheel. Keep up the good work!


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