“Peanut butter and chocolate blend perfectly in this tasty bar. Packed with plant protein, chia, and flax seeds you’ll be ready for wherever adventure takes you.”  –PROBAR

If you’re like me, then time is always of the essence. A typical day is usually packed full, regardless of where it falls on the calendar. There are times when I’ve planned a head and know I’ll be riding and for how long, but never do I take into consideration the need to get something healthy in my body, after the ride. It usually goes something like this: Ok, I have 2 1/2 hours before I have to be at place “x”. That gives me two hours and ten minutes to ride. Eight minutes to shower and get dressed and twelve minutes to get to place “x”. Done.

Then, because I’ve been so busy, I’m maximizing my ride time and effort with a higher intensity workout. By the time I actually get home, I’ve got about fifteen minutes or less, to get dressed and arrive. The last thing on my mind, until I’m rolling back into the driveway, is what will I eat after my ride.

Thankfully, I’ve found my GO-TO for post ride/run/race recovery. The good folks at PROBAR have been hard at work developing more, REAL FOOD options for athletes. PROBAR BASE is their most recent goodie. Packed with 20 grams of plant protein and plenty of other ingredients you can actually pronounce, it’s a fantastic option for pre or post workouts.

I’m a huge peanut butter fan, so I’ve been sacking on the Peanut Butter Chocolate BASE bar for a  few weeks now. I can honestly say, it’s been a great addition to what my kids call “daddy’s racing treats” jar. There have been multiple times when I get home from a ride, or back to the office after an afternoon in the saddle, and I need to jump into action with the kids or on a project. I’ve got no time to make the perfect post ride meal, so I grab a BASE bar.

290 Calories, 5 grams of fiber and 20 big old grams of protein are enough to keep me from hitting the second wall of the day.



So if you’re in a tight spot, pressed for time or just looking for a great pre/post ride boost, that’s actual REAL FOOD, look no further than PRO BAR, BASE. I’m yet to use this as a pre ride meal/snack, as I usually turn to the PRO BAR, Meal bar, but I can imagine this being as good. It tastes great and goes down and sits very well. My five year old daughter even approves and asks for these rather than other sweet options around the house. Which is a pretty solid approval there, as 100% of the protein rich bars I’ve tasted in the past, are hard for even me to stomach.

Bottom line. These are fantastic. I’ve only tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate bar, but honestly, that’s good enough for me. PRO BAR has a customer for life when it comes to real food options for athletes.

Use the discount code: PROBAR25KDAY  for 25% off your order at PRO BAR.
Enter the code at checkout.

Note: The discount will not automatically appear. You will need to enter your credit card information. The screen will then go to a confirmation page that shows the discount applied. The card will not be charged until they confirm on this page that they want to purchase. The discount code expires in 30 days (3/09/15)



2 thoughts on “PROBAR BASE protein bar

  1. Kevin,

    I tired to use the code but it says it’s expired. Any chance you have an updated one?


    1. Roger, sorry, the code was for a short period of time. “The discount code expires in 30 days (3/09/15)”

      I’ll hopefully be working with ProBar in the future and may have some more opportunities.

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