Most of us have spent some time searching the web for riding and racing clips and to our surprise, there’s not a shortage of entertaining videos to watch. Everything from spills to thrills, highlights and big upsets to how-to’s and what not-to’s. With that in mind I’m going to start a new feature that highlights some of my favorites that I’ve seen over the years and I’m also taking suggestions from you. If you have one you’d like to share shoot me an email or post a comment. I’ll do my best to field everything and post as much as I can or at least a link. Please include your name, and the original source of the video. Credit must be given to those putting forth the time and effort for our entertainment.

We’ll start this off by featuring PUSH PULL, by Landis Fields. Sure it’s a roadie spot, but we try not to discriminate here at KDAY Racing, and as long as they’re getting it done on a set of self propelled wheels, we like what we see.

PUSH PULL from Landis Fields on Vimeo.

From Vimeo: “A glimpse of a friend and athlete by the name of Pete Billington. Film by Landis Fields, Zac Wollons, Punn Wiantrakoon, and Brian Berringer. Directed and Edited by Landis Fields. The project required 2 locations. All of the outdoor shots were taken out of the back/top of a four door jeep wrangler going up Mount Tamalpais. Everything else took place on a stage in a controlled studio environment that was lit using 2 soft boxes. The entire film was shot on 2 canon 7D’s (mostly at 60p for “slow-mo” flexibility later on while editing) and 1 Canon 5D at 30p which was conformed to a 24 frame timeline. All cameras were equipped with different lenses that fit the needs of each shot. Music by A Perfect Circle – Outsider (Apocalypse Remix). I hope you enjoy the film as much as we did creating it.”

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  1. Well done Kevin. Way to bet both me and Luke out of the gate with the new site design (mine’s still in the design phase, but I know Luke mentioned he had something in the works). I’m loving it yours though. I think I’ll have to forgo the RSS feed and just start hitting your site straight up.

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