I’ve never considered myself a runner in any way, even though I spend a considerable amount of my time from early fall through late spring on the roads and trails out my back door. I ran track in Jr. High and High School, but it was more a means to cross train for cycling. I don’t always track or Strava my running, mainly because it’s a more of a simplistic getaway for Kashi my Golden, me. But we do manage to get out a lot. Running can be a critical form of training for many cyclists as it helps increase bone density as well as provides an excellent alternative cardio effort that, when done consistently, works very well into bike racing.

As most cyclists are passionate about the bikes they ride, runners have the same love and devotion to their shoes. Over the yeas, I’ve been through a number of shoes. I probably run mine much longer than is recommended and I don’t consider myself an expert on what the best shoe for other people… but I do know, what shoes work for me.

In this case, I’m going to break down the setup that I’ve been using and wearing thin, for a number of years, and plan on using for years to come.

Hanging in my garage are a number of bicycles. All of which, I use on a weekly basis. Some get more attention than others, depending on the time of year, the company I’m headed out with or the destination. Also in the garage, located on the shoe shelf, are a number of running shoes that get used in a very similar fashion.  A quiver of shoes that pretty much take care of anything Kashi and I are interested in going and as I mentioned before, all of them are replacements from the previous model that had been worn nearly all the way through.

The Salomon SENSE PRO

The Sense Pro, is to my feet and destination as my cyclocross bike is, to my quiver, hanging in the garage.  I love this shoe, in that it has a racing inspired design and function, yet it’s got a little more underfoot, so it makes taking to the streets, a lot more comfortable. This would be second on my list of shoes to wear fro the rest of my life as it’s versatile enough to hit the trails, smooth enough for the roads and actually a nice option for a little ultimate Frisbee or soccer match in the park. This possibly the best all-round she I’ve ever worn.


This is by far the best trail running shoe I’ve ever used. The best part of this shoe, is that it feels like an extension of my foot and pretty much gets in the face of anything come across while out on the trail. From sand to slickrock (although its made more for soft ground), singletrack and river crossings, this shoe gets it done. Stable and extremely lightweight, this is the ultimate shoe for an athlete looking for performance.

It’s built with a pretty gnarly tread that can tackle and keep traction just about anywhere.  It has a very low drop that promotes a more natural foot strike and makes this shoe extremely agile.

This shoe can take a bit of time getting into, if you’re coming off a thicker shoe with a bit more material between your foot and the dirt. But most avid runners or athletes will adapt quickly and enjoy how nice this shoe is, right from the gun.



They’re like super swampers for your feet. This shoe will go anywhere and do anything and is the most stable, predictable shoe I’ve ever worn.  This shoe sees more time during the winter months and backpacking trips. It’s spiked tread makes for trail running in the winter a breeze. Note: I prefer the ClimashieldTM model for extra protection against the elements, mainly because this shoe is the first to come out when the weather gets messy.

I love this shoe in more ways than one. If I had to pick a shoe to wear for the rest of my life, this would probably be the one. The tread would be a bit overkill for the office, but I like to think that I’d pattern my life around the shoes I’m wearing… and If I was always wearing these, I’d probably never go back to the office.


I’d like to give a HUGE thanks to Salomon, for the support over the years and for always cranking out the raddest of products, across the board. They’re a one stop shop for athletes of every type. If you’re thinking about a new set of kicks for the road/trail, look no further than what’s offered here. Also, check out their full line of running accessories and clothing. If you’re looking into some epic days on the trail, Salomon offers some amazing, lightweight, form fitting hydration packs that will have you covered.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below. If not, hopefully we’ll see you on the trail.

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