Getting out for a test spin on some ENVE M50’s on the CX bike. These wheels performed outstanding with everything put in their path. I’m running them Tubeless with Bontrager CX3’s at 27psi. Beyond what’s posted in the video, I railed them as hard as I could on some off camber corners, took a few big drops and of course, some fun skids. These wheels are just as if not […]

The 2014 cyclocross season was quite a treat. I was fortunate to travel a bit more and focus my efforts at a few national events, which opened my eyes and expanded my passion for bike racing; especially cyclocross. As my traditional focus for most of my life has been in mountain bike racing, I’ve found a new, motivating love and passion for cycling, through CX. With each race, comes a […]

It’s been a bit since I’ve been on the bike, at least at an event and even though I suffered a lot, it was great to be back. I’ve been looking forward to racing cross, since mid summer. I finally had a designated cx bike so things were pretty much in place. I knew I’d miss at least the first two races due to a surgical procedure at the end […]