Introducing, ROLLOUT™ Rollout is the best way to create and manage a group workout or athletic activity meet up. Share your plans with friends, a specific group or the public without spam messages or emails. With Rollout, you’ll never miss out when your fellow adventurer plans a run, hike, ride, climb, paddle etc. Rollout allows users to create activities, set the details of the event and invite friends and followers […]

Well, tomorrow begins one of those events I’m not entirely ready for. I don’t claim to be much of a runner but it is something I find my self doing from time to time. Mainly from Fall-Spring. It’s great “off season” training and easier to do when the weather is unfavorable. Plus, the time commitment isn’t nearly as bad as cycling in the cold. Like most mountain bike riders, I […]

We packed up the family and headed South to St. George for a little sunshine, and time off. SDAY has spent the past few cold winter months pounding the pavement and occasionally the indoor track, in preparation for the St. George Half Marathon. This would be her first Half so she was a bit nervous. I was confident though, that all her hard work would for pay off and she’d […]