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I’ve been rid­ing around with the new cam­era from Drift Ino­va­tions, the Ghost HD, and I’d like to let you in on what I think about it so far.

I’m very impressed with the upgrades on the Ghost HD, and the new inter­face and 2″ screen is awe­some. I can’t wait to dive into this thing and make some POV magic”

Shape, size and weight, it’s no dif­fer­ent than the pre­vi­ous model, the Drift HD, which, I don’t really mind. It’s extremely light weight already and I love the sleek size and design as I think it has more mount­ing options and that are and look, way more stream­line than any other cam­era on the market.

Out of the acces­sorie filled box, the Drift cam­eras have always come packed full of great film­ing and image cap­tur­ing options with a clean inter­face to back it up. The new Ghost HD, took it a few giant leaps for­ward with an all new inter­face that’s even eas­ier to use. Plus, it’s packed behind a 2″ LCD Screen that’s pro­tected by Gorilla Glass. Not only is this great for set­ting up the cam­era and scrolling through the menu options, but it’s even more help­ful when set­ting up the shot or instantly view­ing the footage you just captured.

The menu inter­face is intel­li­gently designed with big icons to nav­i­gate through. The arrow but­tons located on the top of the cam­era allow you to scroll through the options while the Play/Record but­ton selects the options and the Menu but­ton, takes you back one step or back to the pre­view screen to set up the next shot.

The camera’s menu options allow you to select your film­ing mode (25 / 30 / 50 / 60 / 120 fps in WVGA or 25 / 30fps in 1080p) Photo mode (11 megapixel with Pho­to­burst Mode), Lens angle 170° Fully Rotat­able Wide Angle Lens (130° at 60fps), plus the Ghost HD comes with a Dig­i­tal Zoom, x10 (in 1080p, 720p/30/60fps & WVGA mode). You can record your footage and save your pho­tos on microSD Mem­ory card with a capac­ity up to 32GB.

Also new for the Ghost HD: Out of the box water­proof hous­ing, up to 9′ deep. The pre­vi­ous Drift cam­eras requited a sec­ondary case that would allow it to be fully submerged.

All of the fea­tures men­tioned above are amaz­ing, and set this cam­era above the com­pe­ti­tion in more ways than one, but the fol­low­ing upgrades are the icing on the cake.

The Drift Active Sta­tusTM Two-Way Remote with LED Lights is worth it’s weight in gold. Drift Inno­va­tions pre­vi­ous cam­eras all came with a remote that worked great. Acti­vat­ing your cam­era from a dis­tance or even on top of your hel­met, from a but­ton on your wrist was excel­lent. But there always seemed to be a time or two when you weren’t quite sure if the cam­era was record­ing or not. You never really had visual proof and even though the “begin record­ing” and “end record­ing” chimes were loud, they might not be heard if you had a beanie or hel­met on. So, Drift solved that prob­lem and added addi­tional and very con­ve­nient fea­tures to ensure the user knew exactly what the cam­era was doing.

The LED light sys­tem on the new remote, cor­re­sponds with the light shown on the Ghost cam­era. The light on the cam­era as well as the remote, changes color depend­ing on what cam­era set­ting you’re in. For exam­ple: Green. Green means video mode. As you can see from the photo above, both the cam­era and the remote are in sync, dis­play­ing, green, cam­era mode. The other col­ors cor­re­spond with addi­tional cam­era set­tings such as, Photo Mode, which would dis­play as Yel­low. Time Lapse mode dis­plays with a pur­ple light and Photo Burst mode dis­plays a blue light. In each mode, when you’re record­ing or tak­ing pho­tos, the light turns to red. Pretty easy to fig­ure out and the new inter­face behind the 2″ Gorilla Glass screen makes the process of switch­ing to dif­fer­ent modes, super easy.

But lets just say, you’re not in the posi­tion to access the cam­era for some rea­son and you’re tak­ing a time lapse series and then would like to take some video. Drift Inno­va­tions thought of that as well. From the remote, you can not only start and stop the sequence of shots or video, but you can also switch between cam­era modes with the touch of a but­ton. No need to pull off the gloves, take off the hel­met and man­u­ally adjust to a new set­ting. It’s brilliant!

The remote func­tions of the Drift Ghost HD, came in handy when I was film­ing the fol­low­ing video. I was alone and had to set each shot up, get into posi­tion then rip by. In the sta­tic shots, I could use the remote and begin film­ing exactly when I needed to so I wasn’t wast­ing time and pre­cious mem­ory card space. Have a look for your­self. I think it turned out pretty nice. Oh, and be sure to watch it in 1080p.

Another fan­tas­tic option for the new Drift Ghost HD, is the Drift Flash­backTM Video Tag/Loop. This func­tion will come in handy in so many ways. I know I’ll use it ski­ing nearly every time I ride this sea­son. You see, how it works, is you set the cam­era up to record in loops then when you pull off that sick trick or stomp the per­fect line, you can “tag” that sec­tion of video and the Ghost HD will save (depend­ing on the record­ing time dura­tion you set up) the last 30 sec. of action, then keep on record­ing. This is a great func­tion for those times when you’re look­ing to cap­ture the essen­tial moment, that may take a while to get or be in a series of other mem­o­rable clips and the last thing you need to worry about is stop­ping to hit record on your cam­era, or, just let­ting it record for long dura­tions which would then take up valu­able space on your mem­ory card. Just hit record, stomp the per­fect line, “tag” it and keep rolling.

And Finally, one of the most antic­i­pated aspects of the new Drift Ghost HD, is the Drift DataLinkTM Wi-Fi Enabled & Drift App. Com­ing soon to the app store, you’ll be able to fully con­trol your Ghost HD, from your smart phone. Set up the shot, pre­view the action, change the cam­era set­tings and even down­load the video to your phone. Allow­ing this will change the way the user inter­faces with the cam­era and the speed in which con­tent is live to the world. You could be the first to drop sick line, ride a newly built trail, or send your your bud­dies stuck on the lift a video of the pow the’re miss­ing out on because they slept in. You could host your own video site using your Ghost HD and smart­phone. How cool is that.

In addi­tion to these amaz­ing fea­tures, the Drift Ghost HD comes with a bul­lett proof and opti­cally Enhanced 7 Ele­ment Lens Design, for the clear­est and best pic­ture avail­able and it’s all pro­tected by a replace­able lens cap.

In the box Drift sends the Ghost HD pack­ing with all the essen­tial good­ies you’ll need to get started. You’ll get:
Drift HD Ghost Pro­fes­sional Action Cam­era, Two Way Remote Con­trol, Rear Con­nec­tor Hatch, Gog­gle Mount, Curved and Flat Sur­face Mounts, Uni­ver­sal Clip, Vel­cro Strap, 1700 mAH Recharge­able Bat­tery, USB Cable, 3.5 mm Micro­phone Exten­sion Cable, Drift Bug Sticker, Drift Logo Sticker, Acces­sory Travel Case and Quick Guide. It’s sort of like that kid in scout camp who’s mom packed his bag with candy bars, cook­ies, soda.… only this pack­age is way more useful.

Check out the new Drift Ghost HD cam­era here. Score a deal by using the fol­low­ing promo Codes: “kday” is worth $30 off HD or HD720
Or: “rac­ing” is worth $100 in Free Acces­sories when you buy the Drift HD Ghost.

Here’s another quick clip, using the new Drift Ghost HD

Now “Get out there” and enjoy.

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