July 30th

I’ve eaten just about every­thing under the sun when it comes to energy spe­cific prod­ucts or junk you can grab from the gas sta­tion. Most prod­ucts, spe­cific to cycling or not, have at one point or another worked really well and pro­vided a great bump in energy dur­ing a long race or ride. But most […]

June 16th

I’ve never con­sid­ered myself a run­ner in any way, even though I spend a con­sid­er­able amount of my time from early fall through late spring on the roads and trails out my back door. I ran track in Jr. High and High School, but it was more a means to cross train for cycling. I […]

March 10th

Today’s the day. Quite pos­si­bly one of the hard­est days to get up and get the week started. Day­light sav­ings time over the week­end seemed to throw every­thing off, com­pletely. Some of you may have slept in, try­ing to sal­vage that lost hour. Oth­ers, may have stuck with the plan, got up and car­ried on […]

November 1st

CX sea­son is well under­way and as always, it’s been a lot of fun for both me and the fam­ily. The kids love watch­ing the race because the get to see dad zoom past much more fre­quently than any moun­tain bike race. Layla loves to hit up the Kiddy Cross race, just before they send […]

August 22nd

Just the other day, a co-worker asked me if I’d been rid­ing my bike much lately. To which I replied, you bet. I actu­ally rode for 4.5 hours before work today. She was a bit sur­prised to my answer and said “I always won­dered if your cycling would suf­fer or drop off, now that you […]

May 18th

I took the after­noon to clear my head after an appoint­ment last week and ended up film­ing some sec­tions on lower Rush trail. Super fun, lots of flow and rhythm… per­fect for an xc bike. It’s a great place to work on your speed to air ratio skills. Most of the jumps are a bit […]

March 25th

I like rid­ing bikes. I like maps. I like Typog­ra­phy. Thanks to Strava, I can com­bine them all.

January 15th

Yes­ter­day, two pow­er­house celebri­ties came together for one, made for TV, pull at your heart strings, lets get richer, come to Jesus, soon to be for­got­ten about event. I always assumed it would be a book, some ten years down the road, but the way this wild fire spread over the past five months, the […]