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For the past few sea­sons I’ve been for­tu­nate to work with the folk at Expo­sure Lights USA, test­ing and demo­ing new prod­ucts. The first time I strapped on the Dia­blo MK2, I was com­pletely blown away. I had no idea how such a lit­tle light could be so bright. It was essen­tu­ally all I needed for the trail rid­ing here on the Wasatch Front. With this lit­tle light, I could rip the trails for over an hour on high beam. 900 lumens! And I could hardly tell it was mounted on my hel­met. Add a sin­gle or triple cell bat­tery and you’re look­ing at over three hours of high beam action.

Since that first ride, I’ve used a num­ber Expo­sures lights and am always impressed with how depend­able, durable and easy to use they are. My favorite combo is the Dia­blo mounted on my hel­met with the MaxXd mounted on the bars. It’s pretty much lumen overkill, and blind­ing to those oncom­ing rid­ers and hik­ers on the trail, but well worth it.

For 2013, Expo­sure launched a num­ber of new inno­v­a­tive lights with smart tech­nol­ogy that raises the bar and con­tin­ues to lead & light the way. The per­fect Go-To light, The Dia­blo, got a small and extremely bright upgrade and it’s all kept in the same, sleek pack­age. From 900 lumens to 1,100 lumens, the Dia­blo MK4 is sim­ply the best light, wrapped in the best package.

From the moment we hit the trail head, every­one was talk­ing about the lit­tle light on my hel­met that was mak­ing their, bulky, 800–1,000 lumen lights look dim and out­dated. It quickly proved its worth and shined well above the rest.

Dur­ing the 25 Hours of Frog Hol­low moun­tain bike race, in South­ern Utah, a few ath­letes from the Kuhl Rock­y­moun­tain Cycling team, ran laps with lights from Expo­sure. One of the pro rid­ers, Chris Hol­ley, was heard saying

There seems to be a big dif­fer­ence in the 1,100 lumens from the Dia­blo, com­pared to my other set of lights. That Dia­blo is so much brighter and the beam is much wider.”

Have you ever been night rid­ing before and always won­dered what’s beyond the trail? What’s lear­k­ing in the bushes and trees? Well, if you’re using the Dia­blo MK4, you’ll have no doubt that, that sound you heard, was in fact a sasquach. And, there’s no need to worry, because the 1,100 lumens will prob­a­bly spook it off before it even thinks to come after you.

Ryan Blaney, another Kuhl Rock­y­moun­tain ath­lete that par­tic­i­pated in the 25 Hours of Frog Hol­low had this to say about the Dia­blo MK4:

Pound for pound the best light on the mar­ket. I recently con­firmed this at the annual 25 hrs of frog hol­low in south­ern Utah. The course had tight high speed sin­gle track that was tough to track prop­erly in the light let alone the dark. hav­ing the dia­blo mounted on my hel­met was the ulti­mate advan­tage in find­ing these turns in the dark. It was prac­ti­cally weight­less and the on the fly adjust­ment is the icing on the cake. The size and bright­ness of this light make it unbeat­able. Many of the com­peti­tors make 1k lumen lights, but it seems 1k lumens is a rel­a­tive rat­ing because they just aren’t as bright. The oth­ers also come with bag­gage like bat­ter­ies and cords, which often prove to be an issue. There is noth­ing the same size that is even in its league.”

The all new Dia­blo MK4 fea­tures, as I men­tioned before, 1,100 lumens, it weights only 108g and is fully self con­tained, CNC machined aero­space qual­ity alu­minum body (AKA: It’s tough as nails and water resistent) and comes with three dif­fer­ent light set­tings that can burn for up to 24 hours depend­ing on the OMS setting.

To top it off, Expo­sure pack­ages it up in a clean, sturdy case to keep it orga­nized and together which makes for easy pack­ing in nearly any bike or gear bag.

This is by far, pound for pound, the best light in the tight­est pack­age, I’ve ever used. The Dia­blo MK4 gets my vote as the high­est qual­ity and most ver­si­tal light on the market.

2013 Dia­blo MK4 Specks:

Dia­blo Mk4 Tech­ni­cal Information

Weight: 108g

Out­put: 1100 lumens

Power: 3100mAh Lithium Ion battery

Burn time: 1 — 24hrs (depend­ing on OMS selection)

Emit­ter: 3 Cree XPG R5 LEDs.

Cable Free Design (CFD): A pri­mary fea­ture unique to Expo­sure Lights removes the has­sle of cables and straps. Util­is­ing the crit­i­cally acclaimed Expo­sure Lights Hel­met Mount.

Func­tion but­ton: 3 colour Mode and Fuel Gauge indi­ca­tor that dou­bles as the OMS display.

Intel­li­gent Ther­mal Man­age­ment (ITM): Patented tech­nol­ogy that com­bats the loss in effi­ciency of LEDs at ele­vated tem­per­a­tures, main­tain­ing opti­mum out­put keep­ing you shin­ing ‘Brighter for Longer’.

Smart Port Tech­nol­ogy Plus (SPT+): Patented tech­nol­ogy that enables a wide range of acces­sories to be used; Addi­tional rear lights, back-up power sup­plies, remote switches and even charg­ing other USB devices direct from your light.

Col­li­mated Lens Tech­nol­ogy: Expo­sure Lights use these high-tech resin lenses which have been exten­sively researched. These lenses are specif­i­cally designed to max­imise light col­lec­tion from the LEDs and effi­ciently pro­duce an opti­mum beam pat­tern for cycling ensur­ing no light is wasted.

Weath­er­proof Body: CNC machined aero­space grade alu­minium body with effi­cient heat trans­fer design. Fully man­u­fac­tured in the UK.
Gold plated charge port: The charge port is gold plated for cor­ro­sion resis­tance, more effi­cient con­duc­tiv­ity and it is sealed to a greater level adding pro­tec­tion to you light.

Storm Cap: The Smart Port in pro­tected by a sil­i­cone cover to stop muddy gloves push­ing dirt into the port.

Includes: Hel­met mount, Lan­yard and Smart Charger

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