the triple threat

Just the other day, a co-worker asked me if I’d been rid­ing my bike much lately. To which I replied, you bet. I actu­ally rode for 4.5 hours before work today. She was a bit sur­prised to my answer and said “I always won­dered if your cycling would suf­fer or drop off, now that you have three kids.” I told her of course it’s been a bit harder to find the time to get out and ride, but that’s why I leave the house at 4:45 am or take the time to ride on my lunch break.

I’m very for­tu­nate to have the abil­ity to con­tinue rid­ing my bike as much as I’ve been able to. Shan­non puts up with a lot, but we both work really hard together when it comes to rais­ing our lit­tle bunch. Some morn­ings they don’t get to wake up and have break­fast with me because I leave the house early to make the most of my morn­ing com­mute. And some evenings they don’t get to see me for evening bike rides and bed­time rou­tine, because I’m still hard at work. But you can rest assure, that every spare moment I do have, I spend with my kids.

There’s a lot of sac­ri­fice that goes into being a hus­band, father, full time provider and washed up pro­fes­sional cyclist ☺. If I could go back and change any­thing, I wouldn’t. I have an amaz­ing life, a won­der­ful fam­ily and the best fan club you can imagine.

With that, I’d like to give a lit­tle shout-out to what SDAY and I call, The Triple Threat. The best lit­tle group of groms a dad could ever ask for. The rea­son I skip out on bike rides and sim­ply the best part of my life.

Layla: She’s my heart breaker. When she’s sad, I’m sad. If it weren’t for our belief in “proper” dis­ci­pline, this lit­tle girl would get every­thing she ever asked for even when she’s being naughty. But that’s what I love about her. She’s polite, she’s sweet and hardly ever naughty.

Layla came to us in the most spec­tac­u­lar, life chang­ing expe­ri­ences. And she knows just as well as I do, that she was meant to be in our fam­ily. She remained name­less for the first few days, until a sweet nurse in the NICU helped us find exactly what we already knew was the per­fect name. We had men­tioned the name Layla briefly but it didn’t stick until she was signed, sealed, and delivered.

She’s a huge help to her mom with her two wild broth­ers and she loves noth­ing more than a solo bike ride with me. Oh, and she just began rid­ing a pedal bike, no train­ing wheels required, thanks to her Strider.

Rider: The boy who’s name was picked out well before Shan­non and I were even mar­ried. True story. I’m talk­ing like 1999. I’ve got sketch­books to prove it. It was back when I was dat­ing this awe­some girl (sday) and found out she had been secretly writ­ing baby names in my sketch­books. At first, I was a lit­tle freaked out, as most guys would be… but as soon as RIDER, made the list, I felt pretty good about the whole situation.

Man, this boy can melt in your hands with his long eye­lashes and bash­ful atti­tude. He’s the brains behind the trou­ble that he and his lit­tle bro. con­jure up. And Rider finds a way to hide the guilty look behind his blan­ket, stuffed ani­mal bird, fish book and sippy cup. Yup, he’s a hoarder. Focused and quiet. I know this kid is yet to reveal his big per­son­al­ity and tal­ents. Tal­ents, that I feel will have a huge impact on our fam­ily. He also loves long bike rides and runs in the Char­iot and is slowly get­ting the hang of the Strider. Fol­lowed with a good long nap or sleep­ing in.

Owen: The wild child. Also name­less for a few days. We planned on Nixon (another one from the sketch­book), but at birth, it just didn’t seem to fit. Now, I think it would, but we’re pretty in love with O. He is the one who takes Rid­ers ideas and wild style, and raises the bar. He’s got no fear and pretty much does, his own stunts as well as every­one else’s. This kid has a zest for life and it shows. He’s up early and never wants to go to bed. He never stops mov­ing and can always be seen, play­ing in Kashi’s water bowl, soak­ing him­self with the gar­den hose or emerg­ing from a dust cloud. So far, there’s not much this kid doesn’t try to jump off either. Cross your fin­gers and hope for no bro­ken bones.

There you have it, the Triple Threat and how they came to be the best dis­trac­tion from my cycling a guy could ask for.

  1. Kev, this is a won­der­ful way to describe your great love for your 3 beau­ti­ful chil­dren.
    I am proud of you & your accom­plish­ments bu most of all I am proud of what a good father you have become.


  2. Kevin! I Love your Trip­ple Threat! I am so thrilled for you and Shan­non! It has been so fun see­ing the two of you together before you were married.…and now with your beau­ti­ful fam­ily. Both of you have come from fan­tas­tic fam­i­lies and it shows!

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