CX season is well underway and as always, it’s been a lot of fun for both me and the family. The kids love watching the race because the get to see dad zoom past much more frequently than any mountain bike race. Layla loves to hit up the Kiddy Cross race, just before they send off the A group racers and even though she knows how to ride a pedal bike, she still opts to ride the strider.

This seasons has brought a few changes to the mix, including some new colors to the jersey. Although I’ve been sporting the typical Kuhl colors, I’m actually racing for Endurance 360 and out clothing is on the way.

Endurance 360 is an all natural, complete endurance supplement brand that has been picking up traction since the product launch in 2010. Endurance 360 focuses on the challenges that endurance athletes are put under during training and competition. The formula contain amino acids, known to increase muscular endurance, improve cellular oxygen absorption up to 40% and increase an athletes VO2 Max as much as 32%. In short, Endurance 360 is the complete package supplement to aid in:

Buffering Lactic Acid
Muscle Endurance
Increase Power Output
Cellular Oxygenation
Muscle Cramp Protection
Reduce Muscle Fatigue

As far as my personal opinion and reaction to Endurance 360… I’m a firm believer in the product. Over the years I’ve tried various supplements and have noticed a difference in one way or another. The science and research behind most products is legit and worth while. As I believe there are plenty of elements out there that can help our bodies produce more efficient power, increase insurance and reduce recovery time. And what I have noticed more, with Endurance 360 vs the other brands I’ve tried, is a more consistent and sustained boost or reaction to my overall performance and recovery.

During training and racing, I’ve felt way more consistent with my overall fitness. Before, it seemed that I had a lot of up and down days on the bike. A lot of really good, strong training rides and efforts, followed by a dip in performance during a race. Or the other way around. Having been using Endurance 360, for a little over 4 months now, there seems to be a real, consistent feel across the board. My overall fitness seems to carry a much more predictable level when it comes to daily training and weekend racing. I haven’t had the dramatic spikes and drops as I have in the past due to a stressful and or unpredictable training and racing plan.

I really feel like Endurance 360, has for the most part, helped me reign in and manage the workload of training and racing that gets tossed into the backseat and load of everyday life. Stacked up against the competition, I feel like this formula in addition to the price difference from other brands, Endurance 360 will be a part of my daily training for a long time to come.

New colors, coming soon.

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