Introducing, ROLLOUT™

Rollout is the best way to create and manage a group workout or athletic activity meet up. Share your plans with friends, a specific group or the public without spam messages or emails. With Rollout, you’ll never miss out when your fellow adventurer plans a run, hike, ride, climb, paddle etc. Rollout allows users to create activities, set the details of the event and invite friends and followers or specific groups along for the journey.

Select an activity and set the details. Then share to a private group, followers only, or make it public. Manage, update or repost your past activities, through your personal profile.

Search the Rollout feed for activities you’re interested in joining. From the Rollout details page, add Rollouts to your Attending list and save it to your calendar for a reminder. Tap the icon on the map to activate your maps application for driving directions.

Going somewhere new? Try searching the map. Or use the filter to look for specific activities. From the Rollout feed, you can filter through a map view as well as selecting specific activities or followers. You can also switch to satellite view for greater detail.

Simple as that. Happy Rollouts.

Click here to download from the App Store.

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