Since I began racing bicycles I’ve always been on the lookout for nutritional tips, advice, new products, old products and even trying nothing at all. Well, with the exception of water of course. Over the course of 17 years of racing and training, I’ve tried many different products. Many have been well received and have contributed to successful results. Often times I find myself trying a new product or pre-race meal that yield excellent results the first go round, only to totally flop the next round. I think all of this is good. For me especially. Over the past few years in particular, I’ve made an effort to mix things up a bit more than in the past. Mainly with a different drink mix throughout each season. I feel like its beneficial for my body to learn to work with other options, plus I sort-of feel like I get a little immune to the same mix, over an over.

Changing it up can be as simple as using a different flavor of a particular mix, or, in my case, changing the mix entirely. For example: 90% of the last two seasons, you’d find Carbo Rocket in my bottles at each race. Last season I threw some GU Brew in the mix for a short stint, but quickly went back to CR.This season I changed it up for a little bit longer period of time by swapping over to First Endurance EFS. I used it once during a training ride and felt great. It had an old-school XL1 taste to it that I really liked so I decided to bring it to the races. It was a success. For about two months my CR sat unopened on the shelf, while the EFS was packed in my Cube and accompanied me at the races and on a few training rides.

One thing I really enjoyed about the EFS was its strong kick, or the “strong kick” it seemed to have based on it’s tasted. I generally mix my drinks pretty strong. Just a taste thing I acquired back in the Cytomax days. Last weekend on our big road ride I decided to bring back the CR but found my pre-mixed plastic baggies didn’t have the strength I was looking for, so I decided to add another scoop in a bottle or two during this weeks training rides. The result… Like hanging out with an old best friend. Even though I mix it a bit stronger than some may suggest, it’s still easy on my stomach when you’re pushing hard in the heat and goes well with my favorite GU product.

Today’s race saw the full return of my old buddy CR, and it was well received.

Also want to give a HUGE KDAY Racing high-five to the crew of USCS race series. It was their first season of races and you’d never have know it. They put on a stellar show with huge cash payouts and big checks that always make us racers feel extra special. Nice work guys. You’re efforts are much appreciated.  Here’s a map of today’s 4th and final race of the series.

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