RACE #1 OF I-CUP 2010 – Sizing up the Comp

So here it is folks the weekend is approaching with the first race of the Intermountain Cup season and we’re all grateful that it’s in sunny St. George. They plan that strategically because they know that’s the only way they are going to get any feed zone support…. only if I can get a little pre-season tan while doing it! However, this race has a long history of miserable and unpredictable weather conditions. Frost bite, demolished brake pads from the mud, sun burns… you name it and this race will throw something else at you. So advice from the Feed Zone Queen:

Go prepared for ALL weather conditions and hope for the best: I’m talking about packing for the extremes, swim suit and flip flops to down coat and rain boots. Tank tops to snow hat. You’ll be much more comfortable during the long wait between laps if you’re dressed appropriately for the weather.

Take your own Feed: When your waiting for the 3rd and final lap to finish and you’re rifling through your riders bag for something to tame your hunger… dirt covered water bottles and Gu gels just don’t sound appetizing. You might get lucky and find a mini Mojo bar…. but it just doesn’t cut the craving. So pack yourself a little lunch, drink and boredom buster snacks. I love an apple, string cheese, sunflower seeds and a good old PB&J sandwich.

Know your rider: It’s the first time most racers have seen each other since last fall and you can guarantee they are all taking mental notes of who’s calves look bigger, who’s still carrying around holiday weight and who’s new team shorts make their butts look small. Guess what, your rider might completely bonk… they might be a late season bloomer. Some riders peak early and some peak late season. Find out what your rider’s expectations are for the race… that way when they finish in 5th you won’t be offering words of encouragement when they are ecstatic about their early season results.

Last but not least… Know the Lingo:
Make sure you know how many laps your racer will be doing, and how many bottle feeds that equals. Talk to your racer about how to know if they want water vs a recovery drink so that they aren’t screaming at you for getting the wrong bottle to them. And then just chillax in your lawn chair, come visit sday, eat a snack and ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE. We’re happy to be out there supporting our loved ones and getting outdoors.

HAVE A GOOD RACE WEEKEND EVERYBODY AND FEEL FREE TO DROP BY THE TEAM KUHL TENT to show kdayracing your support … I’ll be signing autographs J/k


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