Yesterday, two powerhouse celebrities came together for one, made for TV, pull at your heart strings, lets get richer, come to Jesus, soon to be forgotten about event. I always assumed it would be a book, some ten years down the road, but the way this wild fire spread over the past five months, the “Interview” seems to be the most brilliant solution for both parties.

I think we all knew there would be a confession at one point or another. I think we all knew and still know, that doping, or use of performance enhancing drugs/steroids, has been a big part of SPORTS, since the dawn of time. Not just in cycling, but in every sport imaginable. But never have we had such a dominating figure such as Lance Armstrong, in any sport. You see, cycling, though it can be a team effort at times, is a very singular sport. And when you have a guy from a country that has had tiny bits of success on a world level, beat the odds and come back from a life threatening disease, only to dominate in huge proportions for seven consecutive years, in the sports biggest event… you can imagine that nearly everyone around, cyclist or not, will hear the story. So, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. It’s also a pretty big deal that after stripping ones titles, there really isn’t anyone clean in any direction, to award them to. We’ll now just have a seven year gap that led to a string of confessions, payoffs and sad interviews.

I’m interested to see how this brilliant PR event unfolds on Thursday. I personally don’t think that Oprah, woke up one day and said… I need to get to the bottom of this. I’m guessing Armstong’s people drummed it up as a way to make it feel like they truly are sorry. I wonder if the questions will be scripted or if Oprah will get in there and throw some curve balls. We’ll see if Lance is human. Maybe he buckles or this made for TV drama/interview, Lance is paid to brake down and cry in Oprah’s lap.

Either way, it’s a shame. It’s a shame that so much time, money and effort gets put into projects, people’s lives and the trust of the world. It puts into question the everyday life we live. Are we surrounded by cheaters? If so, can I, as an individual stay strong enough to be honest and accountable for myself, and rise above? It’s tough. Sometimes the line is thin and easy to cross. Sometimes the financial payout is worth more than the integrity of self. I only hope that for the future, I can have a open mind and level head that keeps me on the right path. I’m about 99% sure I’ll never have the chance to make millions racing bikes and about 99.9% sure I’ll never have the chance to make millions racing bikes doped up and on the juice. But there are plenty of other aspects in all of our lives where we have the opportunity to stoop low in hopes of the highest high. If so, just remember the simple phrase our good friend Mr. Issac Newton, taught us “what goes up must come down.”

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