For the past few seasons I’ve been fortunate to work with the folk at Exposure Lights USA, testing and demoing new products. The first time I strapped on the Diablo MK2, I was completely blown away. I had no idea how such a little light could be so bright. It was essentually all I needed for the trail riding here on the Wasatch Front. With this little light, I could rip the trails for over an hour on high beam. 900 lumens! And I could hardly tell it was mounted on my helmet. Add a single or triple cell battery and you’re looking at over three hours of high beam action.

Since that first ride, I’ve used a number Exposures lights and am always impressed with how dependable, durable and easy to use they are. My favorite combo is the Diablo mounted on my helmet with the MaxXd mounted on the bars. It’s pretty much lumen overkill, and blinding to those oncoming riders and hikers on the trail, but well worth it.

For 2013, Exposure launched a number of new innovative lights with smart technology that raises the bar and continues to lead & light the way. The perfect Go-To light, The Diablo, got a small and extremely bright upgrade and it’s all kept in the same, sleek package. From 900 lumens to 1,100 lumens, the Diablo MK4 is simply the best light, wrapped in the best package.

From the moment we hit the trail head, everyone was talking about the little light on my helmet that was making their, bulky, 800-1,000 lumen lights look dim and outdated. It quickly proved its worth and shined well above the rest.

During the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow mountain bike race, in Southern Utah, a few athletes from the Kuhl Rockymountain Cycling team, ran laps with lights from Exposure. One of the pro riders, Chris Holley, was heard saying

“There seems to be a big difference in the 1,100 lumens from the Diablo, compared to my other set of lights. That Diablo is so much brighter and the beam is much wider.”

Have you ever been night riding before and always wondered what’s beyond the trail? What’s learking in the bushes and trees? Well, if you’re using the Diablo MK4, you’ll have no doubt that, that sound you heard, was in fact a sasquach. And, there’s no need to worry, because the 1,100 lumens will probably spook it off before it even thinks to come after you.

Ryan Blaney, another Kuhl Rockymountain athlete that participated in the 25 Hours of Frog Hollow had this to say about the Diablo MK4:

“Pound for pound the best light on the market. I recently confirmed this at the annual 25 hrs of frog hollow in southern Utah. The course had tight high speed single track that was tough to track properly in the light let alone the dark. having the diablo mounted on my helmet was the ultimate advantage in finding these turns in the dark. It was practically weightless and the on the fly adjustment is the icing on the cake. The size and brightness of this light make it unbeatable. Many of the competitors make 1k lumen lights, but it seems 1k lumens is a relative rating because they just aren’t as bright. The others also come with baggage like batteries and cords, which often prove to be an issue. There is nothing the same size that is even in its league.”

The all new Diablo MK4 features, as I mentioned before, 1,100 lumens, it weights only 108g and is fully self contained, CNC machined aerospace quality aluminum body (AKA: It’s tough as nails and water resistent) and comes with three different light settings that can burn for up to 24 hours depending on the OMS setting.

To top it off, Exposure packages it up in a clean, sturdy case to keep it organized and together which makes for easy packing in nearly any bike or gear bag.

This is by far, pound for pound, the best light in the tightest package, I’ve ever used. The Diablo MK4 gets my vote as the highest quality and most versital light on the market.

2013 Diablo MK4 Specks:

Diablo Mk4 Technical Information

Weight: 108g

Output: 1100 lumens

Power: 3100mAh Lithium Ion battery

Burn time: 1 – 24hrs (depending on OMS selection)

Emitter: 3 Cree XPG R5 LEDs.

Cable Free Design (CFD): A primary feature unique to Exposure Lights removes the hassle of cables and straps. Utilising the critically acclaimed Exposure Lights Helmet Mount.

Function button: 3 colour Mode and Fuel Gauge indicator that doubles as the OMS display.

Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM): Patented technology that combats the loss in efficiency of LEDs at elevated temperatures, maintaining optimum output keeping you shining ‘Brighter for Longer’.

Smart Port Technology Plus (SPT+): Patented technology that enables a wide range of accessories to be used; Additional rear lights, back-up power supplies, remote switches and even charging other USB devices direct from your light.

Collimated Lens Technology: Exposure Lights use these high-tech resin lenses which have been extensively researched. These lenses are specifically designed to maximise light collection from the LEDs and efficiently produce an optimum beam pattern for cycling ensuring no light is wasted.

Weatherproof Body: CNC machined aerospace grade aluminium body with efficient heat transfer design. Fully manufactured in the UK.
Gold plated charge port: The charge port is gold plated for corrosion resistance, more efficient conductivity and it is sealed to a greater level adding protection to you light.

Storm Cap: The Smart Port in protected by a silicone cover to stop muddy gloves pushing dirt into the port.

Includes: Helmet mount, Lanyard and Smart Charger

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